Is Online Coaching Sufficient to Crack IAS on 1st attempt?

Aspirants preparing for their upcoming civil service examination like IAS, UPSC have surely heard about an online IAS class. Most of them don’t pay much attention to it as an online class for a complicated exam. IAS is something not very reliable, according to them. In addition to that, the old tradition of face-to-face classes has created an impact on the whole system where the effectiveness of online coaching is still dealing with skepticism.

Since several people have put a question mark in front of the reliability of online coaching, let us discuss whether online coaching is enough to crack IAS on1st attempt or not.

Covers the whole syllabus and clear doubts and queries

Like any conventional offline IAS coaching, an online class is bound to cover and complete the entire syllabus. All the necessary chapters of your chosen subjects, along with the optional subjects, are covered with professional guidance and supervision.

Furthermore, you can get your hands on the previous lessons if you’ve missed any or have complications while revising through these classes. Online coaching contains special video recording features along with interactive online IAS live classes. In this way, you don’t have to think twice or hesitate before asking any questions, and within seconds, you’ll get all your queries resolved as well.

Comprehensive study materials and current affairs

A decent Online IAS coaching covers the textual syllabus and supplies detailed study materials along with general knowledge notes, brief remarks on current affairs, etc. They replenish the study materials on a day-to-day basis via e-mails, PDF, e-Books, etc. So whichever part of the world you are in, these easily accessible study guides will always assist you.

You can’t deny the efficiency of a good study guide, whether it’s given online or offline. On the other hand, an online class promotes self-study and realization that is beneficial for the long run of life.

Highly educated faculty members

When it comes to recruiting the faculty members of an online IAS coaching center, the selection team becomes very picky as they thoroughly analyze the educational qualification, work experience, age, communication skill, and awareness about technical issues, student-friendly behavior, and every other minor detail of the personnel.

Hence, the faculty members naturally appear to be more competent, professional, and energetic than the conventional classes. You can easily get the right support from them that ensure your growth in the IAS field.

Virtual mock test series

Before appearing for the prelims or final or the interview session of IAS, attending at least two to three mock tests is one of the inescapable parts of the IAS examination. The mock test in online mode is taken, and the answer scripts are submitted virtually, and the highly qualified professional faculty members check these papers.

A good Online IAS coaching institute sets quite tricky question papers so that aspirants don’t have to face obstacles during the finals. By appearing for several test series, you can easily rectify your flaws and improve them by studying passionately.


When the sudden burst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it closed all the doors to join a face-to-face IAS coaching, the expansion of technology. The online IAS classes have jumped into the rescue mission of thousands of aspiring students.

Online IAS coaching in Delhi is a viable mode of learning as it is a more budget-friendly, effective, less time-consuming field of studying IAS or UPSC. If you study sincerely, whether online or offline or by yourself, nothing can stop you from cracking the IAS examination in the first go. All the best to you!